Why Use Us?

Most cost-effective solutions

Our technology has allowed us to reduce your costs and increase efficiency

Quick and effective

Up to 150 trip hazards can be removed from your asset per day

HSEQ System

Our full HSEQ system comes with 3rd party certification

Dust Free technology

Our system eliminates dust pollution in the surrounding area making the work safer and cleaner

Safe Operation

2 man operation at all times to increase safety to the crew and surrounding pedestrians

20+ years experience

20+ years’ experience in the management team with crews available across Australia / NZ / USA at all times


I have used the services of the Australian Grinding Company for about the last 10 years plus and found them to be one of the best contractors amongst the many that I had dealings with during my total length of service.

Their concrete/asphalt grinding work was always undertaken to contract specifications and environmental controls. Additionally, their invoicing, communication and work progress reporting was prompt and of a high standard.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Australian Grinding Company as one that would provide value for money to Council for concrete and asphalt grinding work and the placement of asphalt fillets where required.

Rudy Carman
Regional Coordinator – Retired
Brisbane City Council

The Australian Grinding Company recently conducted grinding in front of my property in Bennetts Rd Camp Hill, QLD. I was initially concerned they would damage my property as they were removing a hazard adjacent to the driveway. I was very impressed that the team leader (Steve) went out of his way to explain the process and then conducted the hazard removal without the slightest marks on my driveway. Very impressed

PJ Madden 21/3/22



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