We provide a range of services using our industry leading processes. We’ve listed some of our more common services below, but please feel free to reach out if you want to know how we can help you with your project today.

Footpath Grinding

Our major service removes the variation in level between adjoining joints / cracks completely. Each grind takes approximately 2-3 minutes allowing our crews to cover large distances each day. Our aim is to help our clients achieve hazard removal on their path networks in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Asphalt Ramping

Asphalt ramping can be utilised where it is not possible to grind the footpath hazard. Some examples being:

  • The hazard is higher than our clients grinding specifications
  • The hazard is too badly broken for the grinder to provide a flat and neat finish.
  • The hazard has large holes which grinding is unable to rectify
  • Other hazards are identified in the path e.g. pits

Our crews always carry cold mix asphalt with them, so when a hazard cannot be alleviated by grinding, our crews can make a temporary repair to ensure the site is safe before moving to the next location.

Kerb and Channel Grinding

Kerb & channel displacements can be treated in the same manner as footpath grinding with our unique grinding process.

We can remove the level of displacement in the Channel to prevent ponding & potential damage to vehicle tyres.

Graffiti Removal

One of our most requested services is graffiti removal on concrete and asphalt footpaths . Our machinery is capable of removing graffiti etched into concrete slabs quickly and neatly at a fraction of the cost of removal of the offending slab/s. 

Paint Spill Removal

Our grinding system is also ideal for removing paint spills from concrete and asphalt roads in an efficient and cost-effective manner. After the completion of grinding, the roads surface is left clean with minimal surface impact. This service is used regularly by our current clients, as they see significant cost savings on traffic control requirements (as well as reduced traffic congestion during the works) due to the speed of our process.

Asphalt Bevelling In Kerb and Channel

The Australian Grinding Company has pioneered the bevelling of asphalt overlays in kerb & channel with Councils across Australia and NZ. Removing years of overlays allows street sweepers to complete their jobs more effectively, cars to leave their driveways without scraping and removes trip hazards for pedestrians stepping onto the road surface.