The Australian
Grinding Company

The Australian Grinding Company Pty Ltd specialises in footpath trip hazard removal for councils and Property Owners. We utilise a state of the art Goedeveen Series 3 grinder to provide safe, environmentally friendly and affordable hazard removal services for our clients. We are the recognised market leaders in the footpath trip hazard removal industry in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

How it started…

The Australian Grinding Company introduced footpath grinding to Australia in 2002 with the aim of helping Councils and Property Owners across the country alleviate their trip hazard problems in a quick, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

After trialling hand grinders / concrete saws and other ineffective forms of grinding machinery, we developed our own grinding technology inhouse. Our unique method utilises a system which removes trip hazards efficiently whilst meeting Australian Standards for Pedestrian Surfaces.

Our machinery is comfortably the most advanced grinding machine on the market today and provides a standard of finish which far outweighs other forms of footpath hazard removal. The process is very fast, allowing our team to cover kilometres of path in a single day.

Our system is dust free, with airborne dust being removed by a powerful vacuum located at the rear of the machine. With such a vacuum in place, our system has received endorsement from the Environmental Protection Authorities across Australia.

We offer an electronic reporting system which has been developed to suit our application exactly & meet the requirements of Council Asset Management Systems. This allows speedy generation of reports detailing the progress of our crews.

The Australian Grinding Company’s rates are a fraction of the cost of replacing the concrete slab and very cost effective compared to other methods of hazard restoration such as slab replacement, asphalt ramps or slab jacking. We can save you thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs and subsequently stretch your maintenance budget further.

With such a detailed system in place, we have grown to be the largest grinding company in Australia, with over 160 Councils Australia wide having utilised our service. We also provide a footpath grinding service across both New Zealand’s islands and are offering the cities of the USA “sidewalk” grinding opportunities.